Shamrock Design House

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We take care of all of your sign needs, not just putting stickers on a board. Everything from vinyl to painted, wood to metal. Sometimes you need more than a banner stapled to your building.
Your business’ apparel can encompasses much more than a black t-shirt with white lettering. We are capable of giving you shirts, hats, hoodies and much more, in a style you’ll be proud to wear.
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There are many ways to advertise on your vehicles. You don’t have to go with the same old song and dance. Simple door lettering all the way to a full wrap, and my personal favorite…. a little in-between. Maybe even the classic set of magnetics.
Some would say business cards are outdated. I would say your using outdated business cards. You can have something to give your customers that will get their attention. You can have a whole compliment of materials to grab attention. Flyers, labels, stickers and almost anything else you can think of.
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I put a lot of stock in a logo. It should set the tone for a whole business and can reflect you as a person. You will see your logo on business cards and signs, flyers and vehicles, even your website. Get a logo designed that you will want to look at day in and day out.
You may not need promotional items very often, but they can have an impact. It’s more than just pens and hats. You can offer items specifically tailored to your customers. Do they like beer coozies? Maybe notebooks or bags are more their style. Either way, I’m sure we can find something that makes sense for you.
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There are many choices when having a website designed. Every business will need something different. For some, a simple site will be more than enough. Others will need more complicated and involved. Don’t be sold more than you need.