Shamrock Design House

Custom Awnings

We offer a comprehensive collection of both custom residential awnings & custom commercial awning solutions. Specializing in both fixed frame awnings as well as retractable awnings our awnings provide attractive protection from the sun and rain.

Not only do we design and construct new awnings, we also provide extensive awning repairs with our mobile awning repair team.

Call us today to learn more about what we have to offer for all of your awning needs including:

- Commercial Awnings
- Retractable Awnings
- Fixed Frame Awnings
- Illuminated Awnings
- Patio & Window Awnings
- Cleaning Services
- Awning Installation

- Entrance & Canopies Awnings
- Awning Maintenance & Repairs
- Awning Graphics & Design Services
- Aluminum Awnings
- Canvas Awnings
- Steel Awnings